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The president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko is convinced, that the victory of a democratic coalition will promote acceleration of eurointegration processes of the country.

As transfers(transmits) UNIAN, it(he) has declared it(this) at a meeting with representatives of political, business circles, chapters(heads) of diplomatic representatives and representatives of the public in Slovak association of foreign policy,

YUshchenko has emphasized, that it(he) does not have doubt, that Ukraine will be a member of the European Union. " It is a matter of time ", - it(he) has added.

The president of Ukraine has expressed confidence, that Ukraine will carry out all necessary steps for this purpose, that the understanding of necessity of this step will grow in the Ukrainian society. Besides the president considers(counts), as the Europe will express more and more and more desires to see Ukraine in the European Union.

YUshchenko has noted, that Ukraine is interested in direct membership in EU and NATO. " We are betraid to this rate and we go it(this) by ", - the chapter(head) it(he) has told.

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The Venezuelan government has forbidden to popular Spanish singer Alekhandro Sanz to lead a concert of that it(he) three years ago has scarified the president of Venezuela Ugo CHavesa.

As minister of higher education of country Luis Akuna has informed, the Venezuelan authorities have given up to Sanz in carrying out of the concert planned for November, 1st, on one of the stadiums, belonging the state,

" If the actor comes to Venezuela to abuse CHavesa and Bolivarsky the project (Bolivarskaya revolution – political movement CHavesa) as you think, people of this country will react, if it will be allowed to it(him) to use " stadium, has told Akuna in interview of radio station Union Radio.

In 2004 on a question on Chavese Sanz has told: " I do not love your president

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Signing of the contract between the Baltic countries and Poland about construction of an atomic power station brakes an astable political situation in this country, the prime minister of Lithuania Gediminas Kirkilas has declared in the second day of power conference in Vilnius. At the same time experts(auditeurs)-power of the Baltic countries believe, that to all fault obstinacy of Poland which demands not less than third of capacities(powers) of the future atomic power station.

The two-day power summit in Vilnius has come to an end. Its(his) basic characters became Azerbaijan which president has put the signature under the agreement on transportation of oil around of Russia, Lithuania, as the accepting party(side), and also Poland which has blocked signing the agreement on creation energomosta with Lithuania and brings turmoil in construction of power station in Ignalina.

If earlier it was spoken about terms of construction of a new atomic power station which constantly moved on 2012, 2015, 2017 now it is not clear, whether the agreement between Poland and three Baltic countries in general will be signed. Polish president Lekh Kachinsky, acting in Vilnius, radiated optimism: " I expect, that in the near future this agreement will be already reached(achieved) in th ... Read more »

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In reply to acceptance by committee on the international affairs of the House of Representatives of the congress of the USA with a recognition of the fact of a genocide of Armenians in Ottoman empire Turkey on Thursday has declared(announced) resolutions a response of the ambassador in Washington, broadcasting company NTV transfers(transmits).

The telechannel also has informed, that the commander-in-chief of Naval Forces of Turkey has cancelled the earlier planned visit to the USA
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The government has approved the bill according to which opportunities for advertising a casino becomes more. The Same bill provides an interdiction of use of the person in advertising as sexual object.

Now advertising of a casino is resolved only in casinos and gambling houses. According to the new bill, advertising of a casino can be resolved on ferries and means of an air communication which transport tourists, Also this bill enables advertising a casino in passenger terminals, the international airports, buildings and hotels where are located by a casino.

Vtorore essential change - in the future advertising should not contain expressions with sexual implied sense and as in it(her) the naked(exposed) nature should not be used unjustly.

According to the same bill, it is impossible to use the child in advertising without the written approval of its(his) parents or trustees. It not raspostranyaetsya on those kinds of advertising where places in which the child can get and without the consent of the parent - for example in a kindergarten or in a sandbox are shown.

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Within 9 years Estonia can use over 53 billions crones from structural funds of the European Union. That is on each inhabitant of our country it is necessary approximately on 360 tysya crones is the second-largest sum among all states of EU.

The commissioner of Eurocommission on the regional policy(politics) calls our country to make the balanced decisions and to not put all of means in development of an infrastructure.

The sum of the structural means allocated by Eurocommission will increase for 10 billion due to self-financing Estonia and will make in total 63 700 million crones which are called to raise(increase) competitiveness of economy.

In opinion of the commissioner on the regional policy(politics) of Eurocommission Danuty Khyubner, the main thing for Estonia - to make correct decisions, that is to not roll up all of money in asphalt or concrete. The nearest years will show, how much(as far as) privitelstvo and local self-management, doing(making) investments, have considered current and repair charges.

As a whole Danuta KHyubner positively estimates(appreciates) plans of Estonia, however warns against unbalanced decisions: " Harmonious development is extremely necessary for Estonia the neares ... Read more »

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